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"In the ten years I have worked with Linda, she has helped me grow in ways I never knew were possible. By asking questions (What is true? What do you want from this?) she has prodded me to think strategically about my life. I know my life's purpose because of Linda. I know myself because of her passion."

- Denise Roosendaal, Association Executive Director, Smith Bucklin, Washington, DC

"Working with Linda helped me get on track and begin to grow my company right from the start. The best investment I've made in the future of my company."

- Linda Hawk, Consultant, Hawk Associates, Alexandria, Virginia

"My partnership with Linda helped me make the shift from executive to consultant with energy and confidence. To me, she is so much more than a coach. Linda is both a trusted adviser and great friend."

- Jeff De Cagna, Chief Strategist, Principled Innovation, LLC, Arlington, Virginia

"Working with Linda helped me move past my fears and market myself for success!"

- Nickie Myers, Interior Designer, yours by Design, Falls Church, Virginia

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