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Executive and Life Coaching

As a coach certified in the Co-Active CoachingTM model, I believe that we can all live fuller lives and that it is my role to ask good questions and facilitate both your discovery and the application of the answers you find within.

Co-Active Coaching Model

  • the client is creative, resourceful and whole
  • the process addresses the client's whole life
  • the agenda comes from the client
  • the relationship is a partnership

These principles serve the executive, director, manager, and other staff people in unlocking their potential to develop a plan, set goals, make commitments, and create an integration in their work and life leading to greater fulfillment and balance.

One-to-one coaching using the Co-Active CoachingTM method is an important addition to professional development in leadership, management skills, teamwork, communications and when paired with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. 

When I work with you as a business person, we may manage your career path, develop your management or leadership skills, start and market your own business, improve communication skills and/or solve business problems.

As a life coaching client, together we may discover and achieve a new career path, create life balance and fulfillment, develop social and recreational pursuits, navigate life changes and transitions and/or plan for relocation or retirement.


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Workshops and Speaking

Please contact us to request a speaker for your professional meeting or gathering or for professional development for your employees.

Topics include: coaching, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Life Purpose, Career Development and others.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Please use the contact form below to ask for more information about bringing an MBTI workshop to your organization or for an individual consultation.

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